10 Signs of Hypersexuality in WomenIt is astonishing, but against all the odds, psychologists confirm that any man can recognize a hypersexual woman at first sight. Therefore, with definite amount of personal merits, luck and ability to make the acquaintance, a man is able… Well, we will not run ahead and guess what such a meeting would bring for you. We’d better tell about 10 signs that help you identify a passionate woman, who loves sex.  
1. Passionate women do not afraid of men, so they do not take a look away or shy in presence of men. Why should they be worried or timid if they know their own worth and what they can expect from men?  Certainly, you will notice such a woman while meeting her eyes as she will let you feel awkward.
2. At that they do not provoke open confrontation with men and act with no unnecessary tricks. Psychologists are disposed to consider coquetry and excessive belligerence as characteristic features of cold women, who intend to cover their inferiority complex.    
3. Women with hypersexuality do not differentiate attractive and unattractive men as they are not interested in superficial and external manifestation of manliness. Quite the contrary, metrosexual men are not interesting for them, while they can fall in love with a brutal, dumpy man or “a boxer” at first sight.
4. They are unlikely to be impressed with money or gifts – they have other priorities, which you probably can guess.
5. Mostly they are recognizable by their evaluating-all-men-around look. Hunting, they select without ceremony… No, not a victim, but a man for whom they will act as a victim for couple of minutes to let him approach them easily.  
6. If a woman looks at you with encouraging and friendly smile, do not hesitate as she a) is hypersexual; b) has already chosen you; and c) will cut short your attempts to invite her to your place only if you will turn out to be (sorry for the word) an idiot.
7. Women with hypersexuality do not like men to pay for them; however, they are not going to pay for you as well.
8. They are patient and attentive to men, like elder sisters who know that their smaller brother will stop acting as “a cool man” and will go to bed. And there…
9. They never visit night clubs and bars accompanied by friends or colleagues as they prefer to stay alone, and as a rule, they do not have female friends.
10. They always act more freely than ordinary women as they are indeed free: free to choose a man, free in their wish not to stay alone, and free in demonstration of their true sexual nature. 
  • YouAreWelcome

    10 signs the blogger has no clue. 1. He doesn’t know what hypersexuality is, yet comments on it extensively. 2. The blogger is so insecure any possibility of confrontation makes his dick limp. 3. The blogger is unattractive, and needs reassurance that he will be laid by someone other than a prostitute. 4. The blogger is poor. 5. The blogger is delusional. 6. The blogger is an idiot. 7. The blogger is cashing a government check right now. 8. The blogger has an incest fetish. 9. The blogger has sex with transexuals that he picks up in local bars. 10. Blogger has yet to be laid.

    • Mazzah

      @YouAreWelcome: mate you wrote some absolute fucking rubbish to the point where you had me disrupt my daily web surfing to make sure that the world has a documented response to your idiocies, only to ensure the author gets his due as he isn’t far off from the truth. Sounds like you’ve got too many text books blocking the real world view or maybe the author scratched one scar or another. Who knows? All I know is that I’m good at spotting rubbish talking trolls like you and voila, here we are.

  • Carmen Speer

    Actually, as a hypersexual woman, during my hypersexual phases, this is true. I am feminist and egalitarian–not looking for gifts and will buy my own way–it is also true that sometimes in such a phase I am less discerning, or, let’s say, more interested in charisma and character than just in looks. There are plenty of sex pozzies out there who go scouting alone (sometimes in pairs or groups). The trick is to feel them out carefully; they’ll make it clear if they’re not interested, and it’s best to leave them alone then.

  • Ms Loveli

    Wow, as a woman who loves sex; this describes me to a Tee!! This person really did their research!!!❤️❤️❤️ This is exactly how a hyper sexual woman like myself is around men and women

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