10 Signs of Hypersexuality in WomenIt is astonishing, but against all the odds, psychologists confirm that any man can recognize a hypersexual woman at first sight. Therefore, with definite amount of personal merits, luck and ability to make the acquaintance, a man is able… Well, we will not run ahead and guess what such a meeting would bring for you. We’d better tell about 10 signs that help you identify a passionate woman, who loves sex.  
1. Passionate women do not afraid of men, so they do not take a look away or shy in presence of men. Why should they be worried or timid if they know their own worth and what they can expect from men?  Certainly, you will notice such a woman while meeting her eyes as she will let you feel awkward.
2. At that they do not provoke open confrontation with men and act with no unnecessary tricks. Psychologists are disposed to consider coquetry and excessive belligerence as characteristic features of cold women, who intend to cover their inferiority complex.    
3. Women with hypersexuality do not differentiate attractive and unattractive men as they are not interested in superficial and external manifestation of manliness. Quite the contrary, metrosexual men are not interesting for them, while they can fall in love with a brutal, dumpy man or “a boxer” at first sight.
Merits of a ManDespite all the differences, men and women are irresistibly attracted. At all times there was a tradition: a man conquers, and a woman is conquered. Emancipation did not bring any changes in these relations. As before, a man is considered to be strong, and a woman is expected to be defended. What qualities should a man demonstrate to make a woman interested and conquered?

1. Nobility. In other words, all females wait for a knight in bright armor, and it is desirable, on a horseback. He treats a woman as a princess, and he is ready to take off the last shirt to warm a woman and to come to the rescue. Nobility can be also expressed in helping homeless, animals and so on. The main thing, you might not look feigned, so not to undermine girl’s delicate feelings.

2. Ability to keep a word. The expression “a man said – a man made” has got an addition a long time ago: “these are two different men.” Men, who are able to keep their promises, even the smallest ones, are considered as diamonds.

When a Girl Looks AwayThe situation is simple: there are you and an attractive girl you put your eye on. What a pity! An unknown beauty does not send any, even hidden, signs of her interest to let you act more active.
Moreover, it seems she ignores you completely: when your eyes meet, she takes look right away.
Don’t worry, everything goes all right. Just take control of the situation – attract girl’s attention in person. 
Try to stay in a girl’s visibility area. At that, she should see you all, at all your height, to appreciate you and your appearance, so not to get confused when you will approach.

Girl while Walking out a DogStudying various ways of making the acquaintance in the street, we have come to the conclusion, that some of them are suitable only for professionals while others can work out even with inexperienced novices. Acquaintance with a girl in the street while walking out a dog is related to the second type. We will explain why.
The fact is that only 25 percent of girls consider acquaintance in the street as acceptable. Other 75 percent try to avoid it due to different reasons. Therefore, if you intend to approach a girl in the street, only one of four girls will react positive. If to take into account that only few of them will like you, so the result is as follows: only one of 25 girls will agree to make the acquaintance in the street.
Other girls have tuned up their mind to one simple stereotype that irritates pickupers: “Any possible acquaintance in the street should be met with “No!” But, we do have one amazing way to force almost any girl to make the acquaintance in the street – a dog!
The point is that a girl who refuses to make the acquaintance in the street is informed about all ways of approaching. Well, there are few of them: a gift, words “Let me introduce myself”, or any ordinary compliment.

How to Approach an Adult WomanDo you want to get surprised? Well, experience shows that the elder a woman is the easier the pickup is. Therefore, most pickup novices (those “involved”) do not miss a chance to approach an elder woman. Would you like to try? So, today we are going to discuss how to perform this type of pickup.
Let’s begin with even more unexpected statement – shyness in sex and in relations with girls that poison your life, are very attractive for adult women as they look for bashful and shy young men.
So, any pickuper who intends to pick up an elder woman may select one of three behavior patterns:
1. Demonstration of shyness in sex.
2. Equal behavior: you show that you do not consider a woman as elder than you.
3. Demonstration of hyper-potency.
Remember, the third variant will work out only in case you are able to perform wonders in the bed. Otherwise, an adult woman will crack your attempts to pretend to be a macho even before it will come to sex. A woman would better invite a young man to her place due to shyness in sex than to pretense.
We have mentioned three behavior patterns (three pickup styles) to let you apply them in accordance with a type of a woman. The fact is that each pattern corresponds to a definite female type.

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